Wednesday, April 20, 2011

royal wedding miracle cake

Ingredients: chocolate, biscuits, butter, egg, mascarpone, sugar

No-bake cake as requested by prince william for his groom cake. The recipe calls for mcvities rich tea biscuits, which are hard to find outside of england. I used arnott's marie biscuits, which created a small royal wedding miracle when a crown appeared on the finished cake, prior to being covered with ganache icing.

                This is a delicious cake, whose beauty lies in its simplicity. There is lot of talk on the internets that mcvities digestives would be a better choice of biscuit. I disagree. Plain biscuits are what makes the chocolate stand out. I added some mascarpone to the chocolate mix and reduced the amount of icing. There is some debate whether the icing is necessary at all. It was a pity to cover up the beautiful crown shapes on the top of the cake, that's for sure.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

apricot custard tart

Ingredients: apricots, eggs, almonds, vanilla essence, almond essence, sugar, butter, flour, salt

Simple custard tart with lots of apricots. It helps to macerate the apricots in caster sugar overnight.